Monday, April 18, 2011

I am nearing the end of my semester, and while words have not made it to this blog, they are not unsupplied. A surplus of thought has passed, and will hopefully be birthed here soon. Of most immediate meditation is the theme that has run through this season without avail, and that being of my depravity, and God's ultimate goodness.

I've not been so consistently cognizant of this theme since I made the transition to follow Jesus, and the lessons provided to teach me have been most humbling and painful. It is, perhaps, at these times when the chasm is most obviously seen, existing between my crazy soul, and God's extravagant grace. It is truly now when all surrounding my existence seems superfluous and base, and my desire to go and be free of all this is most exacerbated.

I was reminded that the conversion of a man is depicted when "wisdom enters his heart," and, thus makes his abode therein. Wisdom blows about this world as seeds cast in wind, and seldom do they find lodging in the heart of men. Wisdom's seed, when allowed to root and grow, not only make a man wise to life, but also to death. Wisdom enters a man and shows evil in seeming good, and brings to light good in pervading evil. The Spirit of God, when permitted to rule the spirit of man through the ministry of this Word, will gird and guide this vessel to the truest paths of peace and security, but it is our duty to trust that what He says is for our good, and that only in Him, and His ways will we find rest for our souls. No other path will lead us to life, and no other Law can bring us liberty.


  1. Nellie, I'm glad to read your posts. The weather problems in your area had me concerned!

  2. Well said, friend...The reminder is a good one...Blessed Easter to you and Wisdom in finishing your semester!