Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grasping air for solidity and form
arching, careening on paths unborn

scribbling on pages about my mind
unable to compose the forms of lines

endless days of searching
spent on gazes too long

the skyline's endless arching
my lostness in the throng

I am back now to the floor
roving through the store --

house of collected observation
gazing splendor, desired culmination

trimming hopes, and subduing ill
while bending down, remaining still

let it come to pass -- this all,
the predetermined path, a call

for in it I will walk as such
loving nothing half as much

As the discovery made those days ago--
as I recall the things I know;

vapor passes and burns away
as with the dawning of a day

and I am such with life and breath

condense me to great spring rain
that a passing mist would give great gain

and the withering grass preserved ere long
as the fading mist rises in a song

Clumsy words, and faltering steps
I am a particle, composing at best--

Little vain arrangements of all that I hope
and wishing right now they be lifted to float

For there is such a push that in them I feel
and without You, I descend, plummet-- I reel

Grant what is best, for I see only shadows
and the shading of all that has risen, then fallow

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How great the foolishness of man
that strives against a gracious Hand --

Who carves a path that he can own
and blazes a trail to walk on alone.

His mind becomes dull, and futile at best --
he shuns what is known, and fills in the rest

A chink lies exposed, is breeched, and then grows
A hungry hollow; an insatiable foe

If only we knew, and could see all along
The things that appeal are often so wrong;

But they seize and trick, and we are deceived,
and barter what's right, for what we perceive.

But in comes grace when we're losing our way,
and out of the darkness opens full day --

Lies are exposed, and true love revealed,
and those little desires lose their appeal

For what can compare to heaven come down;
eternity near, sin's grip loosed and unbound?

Nothing compares, and I implore you this day;
Be warned, be saved, return to the way --

His ways are pleasant, His paths full of peace,
and momentary holds in Him will find release.